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MVMD is a biotech company focused on advancing solutions to optimize human, animal, and plant health.

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More Life.  At MVMD, we are propelled by the core belief that when we strive to be 'better than yesterday', we can empower individuals to unlock their true potential on their journey to become their best selves.

We pursue innovative biotech solutions to optimize our resources and our human energy allowing us to infuse more vitality into each day. More Life is not just preventing death and disease, but rather helping the human population live life to the fullest, optimizing the precious time we have.

Our Biotech Applications

The well-being of humans, animals, and agriculture are a symbiotic ecosystem. The ecosystem must come together and work together to optimize our planet’s resources. At MVMD, we actively invest in and collaborate on pioneering biotechnologies that have the potential to revolutionize human health and wellness landscape, drive sustainable increases in plant yields and agricultural farming practices, and broadly support animal husbandry health.

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"MVMD deems this research as particularly significant given our belief, and what is common knowledge among scientists, that the poor solubility of the avermectin drug class (a series of drugs and pesticides used to treat parasitic worms and insect pests) remains a barrier to achieving and maintaining therapeutic drug levels in humans and livestock species.”

Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, MVMD

"The peer-review process for consideration of publication of MVMD’s study is a third-party validation of our science and the potential commercial efficacy of our Soluvec™ product. I am very proud of our science team for this accomplishment and look forward to the pending product rollout we anticipate this year in the animal husbandry industry in Bangladesh.”

Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, MVMD

"MVMD has developed a tablet that dissolves easily, with a fraction of the dose, of wonder drug Ivermectin.”

Jackie Cameron

“MVMD’s technology showed greater pharmacokinetic performance, more rapid onset times, with greater drug distribution and stability in the canines trialled—at 1/5 the dosages compared to existing oral and subcutaneous injection solutions.”

Benjamin Smith
The Dales Report

“MVMD takes existing vaccines and drugs – and delivers them better.  Both into the body and by transportation to the world. Way better.”

George Tsiolis
President of Agoracom

“The FDA’s Polio D Antigen preservation results demonstrate that Mountain Valley MD’s proprietary and patented Quicksome™ low temperature strip manufacturing technology can be successfully applied to heat labile vaccines, complex proteins such as insulin or glucagon, peptides and other molecules and constructs that are sensitive to heat and oxidation.”

Mike Farber

“For decades scientists have been working to solve the problem of vaccine instability and cold chain distribution with little progress. Approaches such as micro-needle applications, lyophilization, spray drying, and others have not reached commercialization due to problems of complexity, cost, and long-term stability challenges.”

Richa Mandalay
Director of Analytical Sciences, MVMD

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