MVMD Technologies

MVMD is focused on delivering novel technologies, investments and solutions in agriculture, animal husbandry, and personal healthcare, which ultimately help people achieve more of their boundless potential.  We pursue the application of our technologies with a focus on delivering measurable value to humankind and our stakeholders.

MVMD's patented liposomal Quicksome™ tech uses proprietary formulations and stabilizing agents to encapsulate active ingredients, optimizing delivery in nutraceutical applications. Quicksome™ ensures enhanced efficacy, precise dosing, reduced variability, and dose sparing in the nutraceutical health product sector.

MVMD's patented Quicksol™ tech enhances solubility for previously insoluble macrocyclic lactone drugs. This innovation creates macrocyclic cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, which, when mixed with a surfactant and water, yield aqueous solutions. In animal husbandry health, MVMD employs this anti-parasitic solution to boost disease prevention and nutrition for livestock and aquatic species. This positively impacts the health and productivity of animal and fish farming, contributing to global food supply chain improvement.


MVMD is a worldwide distributor of Agrarius™, an innovative agricultural plant signaling technology. Agrarius™ enhances crop yields, minimizes fertilizer needs, and bolsters crop resilience to pests and climate variations. This technology stimulates plant defense mechanisms at the cellular level, fostering deeper root growth and optimizing photosynthesis. This, in turn, boosts growth hormones, improves water and nutrient utilization, reduces fertilizer demand, and enhances resistance to diseases and adverse climate conditions.

Our Biotech Applications

The well-being of humans, animals, and agriculture are a symbiotic ecosystem. The ecosystem must come together and work together to optimize our planet’s resources. At MVMD, we actively invest in and collaborate on pioneering biotechnologies that have the potential to revolutionize human health and wellness landscape, drive sustainable increases in plant yields and agricultural farming practices, and broadly support animal husbandry health.

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