What More Life Means to Us.

At MVMD, our purpose is to deliver “More Life”. We pursue this purpose ardently by leaning on our fundamental philosophy that when we continuously strive to be 'better than yesterday', each day offers an opportunity for growth and improvement on our journey to becoming our best selves.

Running 6 miles per day is
2,190 miles per year...

Walking 4000 steps per day is
1,460,000 steps per year...

Reading 10 pages a day is
3,650 pages per year...

1 extra workout per week is
52x more beneft for your body per year...

Whatever Your Better is, MVMD Wants to Help You Achieve it.

We're investing in world-improving innovation that support you living your best life.

Our Biotech Applications

The well-being of humans, animals, and agriculture are a symbiotic ecosystem. The ecosystem must come together and work together to optimize our planet’s resources. At MVMD, we actively invest in and collaborate on pioneering biotechnologies that have the potential to revolutionize human health and wellness landscape, drive sustainable increases in plant yields and agricultural farming practices, and broadly support animal husbandry health.

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