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March 1, 2024

MVMD Business Update

MVMD President and CEO, Dennis Hancock, provides commercialization progress update.

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Dear friends of MVMD. I hope this message finds you and your family well. March is the last month in MVMD’s fiscal year, and I believe this is a great time to reflect on the accomplishments and the foundation for success that has been achieved as we look to the new year ahead.

This morning, we sent out a general business update media release that I believe you will find very encouraging for our overall business progress and foundational health as a company. A few highlights are summarized below. As always, you are encouraged to read the full media release that is located on our website at


Quicksome™ Powered Eons Deeper Sleep Product Launched

Our manufacturing partner in the U.S. is officially up-and-running and they have manufactured the first product to embody MVMD’s Quicksome™ technology last month with the Eons Deeper Sleep rapid dissolve mushroom tablet product. The Eons product was produced by our partners at Circadian Wellness and is available to purchase directly from their website at I think you will find that this product is amazing and you are encouraged to try for yourself if you have any difficulty sleeping.

As a reminder, the Eons Deeper Sleep product is a rapid dissolve format that a user places under their tongue sublingually. Our Quicksome™ technology enables us to use a fraction of the active ingredients of competitive products in the space with great affect, enables rapid onset and dramatically reduces variability by bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. At a time where consumers are more aware than ever of what is going into their bodies, delivering natural ingredients at the precise amount is very significant. If you get to experience this product firsthand, you will understand how our tech supports a unique “less is more” value proposition.

Our formulators completed and transferred three proprietary formulations for initial product creations for the Eons brand, targeting the launch of Deeper Sleep, and expanded to energy, and immunity enhancements under a fees-for-service agreement. The launch of Eons Deeper Sleep product marked the beginning of a series of consumer products that Eons will have the option to launch in the future under its licence and as it determines. We look forward to seeing their progress through the 2024 calendar year and beyond!

We have worked on a range of formulations for Quicksome™-powered product applications, including sleep, energy, appetite suppressant, cognition, immunity, calm, and pain relief, all to support the business development strategy to expand our licensee footprint in the year ahead.


Agrarius Trial Results Exceeding Management’s Expectations – Landmark Citrus Trial

Agrarius is continuing to generate significant excitement both inside MVMD and across our partner and prospect network. Seeing the positive outcomes of initial trials with large scale farming operations, confirms our belief that Agrarius presents a very significant opportunity to support our growth objectives.

We also have more than 30 active crop trials being conducted by targeted large scale farming operations, which would represent a potential multi-million dollar field coverage pipeline if the prospect purchases Agrarius product after successful trial completion and related government registrations. We definitely appear to have a very strong value proposition that I believe can be quite disruptive in the agricultural landscape.

Beyond validating the anticipated yield improvements that we were expecting, we have seen the potential for unique pest and disease management applications as recently demonstrated in a trial conducted by a Valencia citrus producer, and verified by an independent laboratory that worked directly with the farm.

In what we believe could be a landmark trial, we have just confirmed that Agrarius has shown potentially promising results in mitigating Huanglongbing (HLB), a globally destructive citrus greening disease that is currently declared as incurable. Treated citrus trees exhibited notable recovery signs, including the emergence of healthy green foliage, abundant and large white flowers, and the production of spot-free, juicy Valencia oranges, with an anticipated overall yield increase of approximately 10%. The Agrarius test plot improved visual health indicators, and has also demonstrated an enhanced distribution of both macronutrients and micronutrients within the plant system. MVMD believes these findings to be materially significant and highlight Agrarius as a potential organic solution for citrus producers facing the impacts of HLB, with potentially the first viable method for revitalizing affected orchards and introducing sustainable disease management practices.

We have been working through the product registration process that really, in my opinion, is the main hurdle to quickly converting our prospect pipeline into meaningful sales activity. There are no indications at this time that would limit our confidence in seeing revenue from Agrarius sales activity in 2024 based on the anticipated timing for registration approvals. This is for sure slightly behind what we were anticipating, but I truly feel like we are in the home stretch and our activity is only intensifying in this product trialing window with key farming partners.

As the LATAM registration process has been taking longer than anticipated, we have started a more concentrated effort on targeted sales activities in the USA in states which registrations have already been obtained, including an immediate focus on citrus growers given the strength of the recent independent trial results for both yield and citrus greening benefits.


Plans to Introduce Soluvec™ 1% Coated Fish Feed in Bangladesh by May of 2024

We have been advised by our distribution partner who has licensed our Quicksol™ solubilization technology, that they have received necessary government approvals and completed the manufacturing agreements that enable them to commence manufacturing of the Soluvec™ 1% coated standard fish feed for farmed fish species within Bangladesh. Our partner has confirmed it is working with its manufacturing partner to commence production and finalizing plans to introduce Soluvec™ 1% coated standard fish feed in Bangladesh by May of 2024.

This is great news and brings an extensive process of invention, research and development, trialing, stability work, and more to a positive point of a physical product. As Bangladesh comes online, we now can look to at the opportunity to license Soluvec™ 1% product in territories outside of Bangladesh and expand our intellectual property protection in key markets.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, please reach out if you have any questions – I know that MVMD continues to do great and important work as we focus on advancing our positive impact on human, plant and animal health.

As you can see, the MVMD team and our extensive network of partners has made significant progress advancing our commercialization priorities. We are confident that the tangible value proposition of our technologies is being very well received and that we have successfully laid the groundwork needed to support our desire to make a global impact in line with our vision of More Life.

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