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January 20, 2021

New MVMD Dose Sparing Patent Filed

MVMD Files for a new, novel dose sparing patent for IPV Polio

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  • Patent Filing & Applications: Filed a novel POROUS ALUMINUM NANO-STRUCTURED ADJUVANT patent, essential for game-changing vaccine dose sparing technology, especially in the current work with Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV).
  • Impact & Profitability: The dose sparing technology can make a single dose of a vaccine go 20 times further, reducing costs, increasing profitability, and extending the reach of limited supply vaccines. The novel adjuvant's application is worth tens of billions globally and compatible with existing manufacturing methods.
  • Strategy & Mission: The newly developed adjuvant is a key component of the broader strategy focused on eradicating Polio, with innovative techniques like the advanced Quicksome™ thin film, and needleless applications. The intention is to transform human and animal health, with Polio eradication as a starting point.

We sent out a very important media release this morning confirming our filing of a novel POROUS ALUMINUM NANO-STRUCTURED ADJUVANT patent.  This is a critical element in our game-changing work we have been sharing on vaccine dose sparing and in particular our current work with the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (“IPV”).

Our vaccine dose sparing technology has a powerful value proposition – imagine taking a single dose of an existing vaccine and enabling it to go 20 times further!  That’s dose sparing and it offers tremendous advantages in reducing manufacturing costs, driving profitability and increasing availability of vaccines that are in limited supply.  And our novel adjuvant is applicable across the entire vaccine space – a value proposition that is worth tens of billions of dollars globally each year.

Our new patent includes a novel adjuvant that was invented with the objective to be fully compatible with current vaccine manufacturing methods – this is a critical element of our strategy to introduce technologies that offer simplicity for partner adoption and enable cost effective solutions that can be quickly brought to market.  Simply put, our partners can adopt this technology and immediately apply it in existing manufacturing environments with minimal retooling.

There are many technical advantages to our new adjuvant technology that you can read about in the media release which can be found on our website.

And if you really want to go to school on this innovative work, you can watch the interview that Mike did with Steve Darling from Proactive Investor that gives a technical deep dive…

This newly developed adjuvant is a critical piece of our broader vaccine technology strategy and our current focus on completely eradicating Polio.  Remember, our work in the vaccine space is designed to change everything – our value proposition is unmatched and our work on Polio is a proxy for the vaccine industry as a whole – use a fraction of the Inactivated Polio Vaccine, apply our advanced Quicksome™ thin film inside a vial that can be distributed completely outside of the cold chain, and administer through needleless applications.

I remind you that the mission we are on to eradicate the world from Polio is not a coincidence. Nothing we are doing is unintentional.  Our focus on dramatically transforming what is possible in human and animal health continues to be realized.  And we are just getting started!

Have an amazing day and thank you for your ongoing support of our important work.

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