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MVMD's Patented Quicksome® Technology, a better way to intake nutraceuticals.

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Better Than Yesterday.  In a world constantly striving for more speed, efficiency, and performance, MVMD's Quicksome™ liposomal technology enables a whole new paradigm for bioavailability. This innovative technology allows for very fast, high absorption of vital molecules, turning a small dose of active ingredients into a multi-faceted powerhouse for your body.



Imagine Your Most Productive Day and Your Most Restful Night.

MVMD's Patented Quicksome™ liposome technology utilizes an advanced 2-step encapsulation and desiccation process to formulate normally highly un-bioavailable active ingredients into highly effective oral product formats.

Fast Acting

Quicksome™ delivers active ingredients into the body and blood stream with great effect.

Minimized Side Effects

Quicksome™ reduces dosing and bypasses the gastrointestinal tract entirely.

Rapid Dissolve

Quicksome™ offers a quick, water free, and easy oral dissolution for fast effect.

Reduced Variablity

Quicksome™ reduces the variability that is common with oral tablets.

No Pills

Quicksome™ eliminates swallowing pills and related digestion issues.


Quicksome™ provides an easy to store, carry, and consume solution for nutraceuticals.

Your Best Day, Everyday.

From a better nights sleep, to more energy before a workout, Quicksome™ was crafted to help you do more with less.

Small Dose, Better Effect.

Our approach to nutraceuticals ensures a greater bioavailability, allowing your body to benefit with less dosage.

Higher Precision With Reduced Variability

Quicksome™ powered nutraceuticals capitalize on sublingual transmucosaldelivery to deliver targeted molecules quickly and effectively.

Why Quicksome™?

Quicksome™ enables unprecedented sublingual delivery impact across the mucosa to provide enhanced absorption into the bloodstream, dramatically improving molecule efficacy, dosing, and end-user experience.

Challenges with Conventional Delivery Methods
Absorbed directly into stomach & liver where compounds are processed.
Requires Higher Dosing

Requires higher doses to activate in acidic stomach environment and counter break down by liver.

Dosing Uncertainty

Higher variability depending on acidity and processing by liver.

Slower Absorption

Delayed absorption via stomach and intestine.

Causes Organ Stress

Higher dosage can cause liver and gastrointestinal damage

Enables Lower Dose Amount

Avoids harsh acids and enzymes encountered during digestion; circumvents the first-pass metabolism by the liver, and pre-systemic elimination that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Precision Dosing

Substances diffuse directly into the blood through tissues under the tongue, enabling the delivery of a smaller quantity of desired actives, more precisely into the body.

Faster Absorption

Transmucosal delivery enables certain agents to achieve an onset of action similar to intravenous drugs through direct diffusion into the blood stream.

Reduced Organ Stress

Circumvents the first-pass metabolism by the liver, and pre-systemic elimination that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract.

Eons Deeper Sleep Powered by Quicksome™

Eons Deeper Sleep Rapid Dissolve Mushroom Tablets orchestrate a symphony of responses that promote deeper sleep and relaxation.

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