Agrarius Corn Trial Grows Longer and Healthier Cobs of Corn

The trial showcased that corn crops treated with Agrarius retained a 23% yield increase compared to the control group.

Fescue Grass

California Ranch Trials Agrarius™ for Cattle

A grass-finished cattle company located in Placer County, California, tested Agrarius™ on fescue grass to evaluate its impact on cattle grazing land yields.


Field Trial of Agrarius™ for Cabbage in Ontario, Canada

The Agrarius treatment led to a 20% increase in the overall yield of Napa cabbage, attributed to improved plant health and faster crop growth.

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Farm Achieves 20% Increase in Yield with Agrarius™

A sugarcane farm in Santa Cruz, Jamaica experienced a 20% yield increase when using Agrarius™ on their crops.


Increased Potato Yields with Agrarius™ Technology

The use of Agrarius technology led to a significant boost in potato yields. The number of potatoes per plant increased from 14 to 30, and the overall weight of the yield increasing from 2.08kg to 3.78kg.