Field Trial of Agrarius™ for Cabbage in Ontario, Canada

A 20% yield increase of Agrarius™ treated Napa cabbage, with improved plant health and faster crop growth.

Ontario, Canada
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  • The Agrarius treatment led to a 20% increase in the overall yield of Napa cabbage, attributed to improved plant health and faster crop growth.
  • Cabbages treated with Agrarius were observed to be greener, thicker, and healthier. They also had firmer heads, contributing to a longer shelf life when chilled.
  • The treatment effectively combated common weather-related issues such as bolting, a problem often faced during hot weather, thereby maintaining the quality of the produce.


This case study explores the efficacy of Agrarius Cabbage Field Trials conducted in Ontario, Canada. The objective was to evaluate the impact of Agrarius treatment on Napa cabbage growth, yield, and quality compared to a control group.

Trial Design

Two separate plots of land, each containing a 100-foot bed with two rows of Napa cabbage, were used for this trial. One plot was designated as the control, while the other received Agrarius treatment.

Treatment Details

The Agrarius treatment involved two applications:

  1. First Foliar Application
  2. Second Foliar Application

Data Collection

Four single cabbage heads were randomly selected for evaluation—two from the Agrarius-treated group and two from the control group.


  • Agrarius Treated Group: The cabbage heads appeared greener, thicker, and healthier.
  • Control Group: Many of the cabbage heads in this group showed signs of bolting.

Quantitative Analysis

  1. No Bolting: The Agrarius-treated group showed no signs of bolting, a common problem in hot weather for Napa cabbage.
  2. Firm Heads: The Agrarius treatment resulted in more firm heads, making for a heavier cabbage that will last longer when chilled.
  3. Weight Increase: The weight of the Napa cabbage treated by Agrarius increased by 105% compared to the control group.

Overall Yield and Plant Health

There was a 20% increase in yield after using Agrarius. This was attributed to improved plant health, faster crop growth, increased plant height, plant weight, the number of leaves per plant, and enhanced leaf colour.


The Agrarius Cabbage Field Trials in Ontario, Canada, demonstrated significant benefits in both yield and quality of Napa cabbage. The treatment effectively mitigated the problems of bolting and withering in hot weather conditions. The treated cabbages were greener, firmer, and heavier, resulting in a 20% increase in overall yield.

The findings of this trial strongly suggest that Agrarius treatment is effective in improving the yield and quality of Napa cabbage, making it a promising solution for farmers seeking to optimize their crop production.

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